Video Editing

Make your video look professional, there’s a lot more you can do with your home video rather than just watch it straight from the camera.

We offer professional editing features that will make your video shine.

  • Segment extraction – First we need to get rid of the so called “bad footage” such as; floor shots, shaky video, total darkness, viewer discretion moments, “forgot to turn off camera” etc.
    Once we got them out of the way we’ll arrange the video parts in a chronological order to form a storyline.
  • Color correction – Video footage straight from the camera tends to have dull and faded colors by default, while you can’t notice it at first since you have nothing to compare it with,
    Just wait to see the huge difference in the color department, after your video goes through the color correction process which boosts saturation, adjusts brightness & contrast and ads warmth or coolness to your video.
    Suddenly your video looks like a movie!
  • Soundtrack and voiceover addition – Audio is as an important part of the footage as visual is, bad sound can ruin the perfect watching experience.
    To avoid that, we’ll cut out the “bad sound” such as, wind blowing, traffic noise, etc. and replace it with a music soundtrack of our liking, we can also boost the volume in the parts where its too low.
    And at last, we can record a voice over narration and add to the video to give it a documentary touch.
  • Titling – Adding colourful animated titles
  • DVD/Blu ray authoring – After we got the video cut, color corrected and audio improved, we’re ready to burn it on DvD or Blu ray, various themed animated menus are available for the perfect interactive experience.
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